The Effect/fX/A few Circles/Victor the Florist

A Few Circles was an art-oriented Rock band that played around Santa Barbara that were well regarded as a serious group of musician-artists who played music influenced by bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Japan, The Residents, the genre of KrautRock including Can, Cluster, and Neu!, as well as people like Brian Eno.

A Few Circles started as a band called The Effect with Dave Fontana – guitar & vocals, Joe Dean – bass & vocals, Tracy Hall Adams – drums & vocals, and James McCurdy – vocals. This band played the Grass Shack and opened for The Plugz at the Goleta Community Center.

McCurdy left and the band changed its name to ƒX.  ƒX continued for a time as a trio. Eventually, Elizabeth Montague joined on keyboards, synthesizer & vocals. After a while, Tracy left the band and Brian Engel joined on drums. The name was soon changed to ‘A Few Circles’ which was an odd translation of a title of a

painting by Kandinsky. ƒX and A Few Circles played in Santa Barbara with local bands such as Iron Curtain, The Tan, IQ Zero, and Norman Allan. They also opened for
bands that came to Santa Barbara like Wall of Voodoo, Suburban Lawns, Middle Class, Zealots, Obvious, Forked Tongues, The Humans, The Plastics, The Pearls, Aluminum Foil, Sensible Shoes (with David Baerwald), Crown of Thorns, Werewolves and Red Wedding.

A Few Circles occasionally played in LA, at places like the ON Klub and once at the fabulous Brave Dog with Red Wedding, (who eventually hired their drummer away). Dave, Joe, and Elizabeth played a few more shows with a drum machine, then decided it was time to end the band. Later, though officially no longer a band, Elizabeth, Joe, Dave, and Brian recorded instrumental versions of several songs, which were then montaged, for the underground section of the film ‘Surfers’ by Elizabeth’s brother-in-law Bill Delaney. Dave, Joe, Elizabeth, and friend Tim Gardner put together a new set of instrumental material for a single live performance and called the band Victor the Florist.

Photo by Leslie Holtzman

Photo by Thomas Gotschall



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